Managed Wifi

Managed WiFi allows you to achieve the best results with your wireless network without having to rely on someone within the organization or an IT support team.

Managed WiFi services can often lead to a better Internet and Network experience by allowing our experts to properly configure your hardware and software.

Wireless access is a key part of any productive environment. Let us manage your WiFi while you manage your business.

Let our experts simplify your WiFi experience today!
Versatile Wifi Solutions

Where To Use Managed WiFi

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Ensure maximum productivity and minimize delays with enterprise class wireless services.

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Connect your small or large campus with complete coverage and simple user management.

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Student Residence

Add value, performance, and ,security to your student residence with Managed Wifi. Attract more residents with included WiFi.

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Keep your guests connected with unique access codes and/or public WiFi for everyone. Provide complimentary or VIP access for your guests.

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Attract more people to your store, coffee shop, restaurant, or other unique establishment with customer WiFi that quickly and reliably works.

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Patients and staff of Doctors offices, Dental practices, clinics, and many other personal support providers count on reliable communication to meet their needs.

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Apartments / Condos

Many Apartments and Condos need better internet. A managed wireless solution can add value to your units and help attract tenants.

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All great events have great WiFi! Reliable WiFi at your event will benefit your staff and attendees by keeping everyone connected to what they need.

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Managed Wifi Solutions

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About Managed Wifi

Managed WiFi can scale to meet your needs from 2 access points to over 200 access points on a single network. WiFi is an important system that everyone has come to count on for fast and reliable communications. When a basic router isn't enough the only solution is a Managed WiFi system that can adapt to the needs of your users and the requirements of your environment.

Forget the time consuming process of setting up repeaters or stand alone routers that just don't reach as far as you need.

With Managed Wifi you can:

  • Create 1 time use access codes
  • Pick how long codes are good for
  • Block disruptive users
  • Set per user bandwidth control
  • Save on IT support costs
  • Provide a better user experience
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